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Testimonials for past Peak 3-on-3 participants..
  • "Keep doing this.  The kids had fun and its a great opportunity to play and enjoy!  Thank you!"
  • "The Peak 3-on-3 League is a well-run league with a laid back environment. Fun for the kids and fun for the spectators!"
  • "A great environment for kids to get out and play basketball. It’s less formal than city leagues and the kids get an opportunity to coach themselves. It was so fun to see our sons confidence grow between his first time in the league and 2nd time. Most of all the kids just have a great time."
  • "It was genuinely fun ~ such a lift after months of restrictions in sports.  The boys enjoyed playing together on the court again."
  • "I love the idea that the kids can work together &  their focus can be on the game rather than what everyone is yelling at them. It makes it so much more fun."
  • "Affordable option for off season fun!"
  • "It was great! It's nice to see the kids just having fun and playing ball."
  • "Very fun for the kids and gives them the opportunity to get better in the half court game. I would recommend it to any parents that want their kids to get out play with the pressure of joining a competition club."
  • "This is a great league committed to teaching youth a love of the game without the pressure often placed on them when while playing competition ball. Most kids won't play basketball competitively past high school and they should have fun memories instead of just pressure ridden memories, which this league instills."
  • "Great league! It is a great way to improve ball handling and shooting skills while having tons of fun."
  • "Thank you for creating and offering this opportunity for all to enjoy time on the court together!  The boys really enjoyed the low key high energy FUN of putting together a team, playing and coaching one another.  Excellent facility and all around experience.  Appreciate the time and effort that everyone contributed."
  • "Management was great to work with and answers questions quickly. The 3 on 3 is a fun scrimmage like atmosphere. Kids had a great time and want to do it again. There wasn’t enough girls so we made a coed team and got to compete. Thanks."
  • "Thanks for being well organized. We enjoyed 3v3”
  • "Very nice staff! Always so friendly when welcoming us and very respectful and fun to the boys.”
  • "Great opportunity for basketball players. My son loved playing with his team and making new friends!!"​
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