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What is Peak 3-on-3?
Want more basketball? Are you a basketball player looking for new and fun ways to participate in basketball?
Grab some friends and sign up for a 3 on 3 basketball league in your area. There are opportunities for boys and girls from 3rd through 12th gradeWe’ve been doing this since 2020, and participants just can’t get enough of this fun way of playing basketball!
With Peak 3-on-3 basketball, each team is guaranteed 8 games over 4-weeks. We accommodate schedule requests to work around your schedule and your other sports.  What other league will do that?  Each game is 20-minutes, running clock, to keep games fast paced and fun! Teams can have up to 6 players, but no fewer than 3...obviously. 
What makes Peak 3-on-3 unique
  • Form your own team. PLAY WITH FRIENDS!
  • NO COACHES. (Players love this!)
  • Fun, unique atmosphere
  • Smaller team sizes, which means MORE TOUCHES!
  • Develop basketball skills (not "pegged" into a certain positions)
Ready to create your team?  Where do you go from here?
Follow these steps:
  • Assemble your team.  Find 2-5 friends who just want to play ball. 
  • Create a TEAM NAME. You pick your own team name, be creative!
  • PICK YOUR SHIRT COLOR. Pick a color to match your team name.
  • You are all set. Now get ready to ENJOY THE GAME.
Still have questions? Text us at (385)381-0540 or email us at
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